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About Round Table Film Productions

Who We Are

At Round Table Film Productions (RTFP), we are more than just a film production company – we are storytellers, innovators, and pioneers. Based in the bustling heart of Atlanta's film industry, RTFP is a beacon of creativity and excellence in cinema. Our team, composed entirely of veterans, brings a unique blend of discipline, dedication, and dynamic vision to every project we undertake.

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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We envision a future where the film industry is not just about entertainment but about smart, strategic investments. We aim to lead the industry into a new era where creativity, innovation, and financial acumen come together to create transformative cinematic experiences. We are dedicated to reshaping how movies are financed, produced, and shared, ensuring safety for our investors and impactful support for veteran causes.

Our Mission 

Our mission at RTFP is to redefine the film industry by embracing a venture-capital-like approach to film production. We focus on creating a diverse portfolio of films, targeting niche markets within the film sector that promise high profitability and reduced risk. This strategy ensures that our investors have a unique avenue for significant returns while also supporting meaningful and impactful storytelling.

Our Approach & Commitment


RTFP's approach to film production is grounded in data-driven decision-making. We leverage extensive industry analysis and strategic partnerships with seasoned creatives to ensure that our films resonate with audiences and succeed commercially. Our commitment to equitable profit-sharing means that everyone involved in our films, from the cast and crew to administrative staff, is rewarded for their contributions.


As a veteran-owned and operated company, RTFP supports our fellow servicemen and women. A portion of our profits is pledged to support vital veteran causes, emphasizing areas like suicide prevention and military-to-civilian transitions. We believe in giving back to the community that has given us so much and ensuring that our success also contributes to the well-being of those who have served.

Our Amazing Clients and Partners

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RTFP's Leadership Team


Christian Brunetti

Co-founder | CEO | Producer | Director | Actor | Stunts 


Donald Morgan

Co-Founder | President | Producer | Actor | Stunts


Renford Ligon

Co-Founder | Chief Training Officer | Producer | Actor | Stunts


Chris Pollitzer

Partner | CMO | Investor Relations | Producer

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Take your Seat at the Table Today! 

Dive into the world of filmmaking with Round Table Film Productions. Your investment doesn't just fund movies; it pioneers an industry evolution where creativity, community, and capital converge. Step into our circle, where every contribution is a stride toward cinematic excellence and shared success.