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Invest in Movies with RTFP

Why Invest?


We employ a venture-capital portfolio philosophy to assemble various cinematic projects. Our strategy zeroes in on niche markets within the film arena, aiming to balance risk and enhance potential financial outcomes. We offer our investors a unique entryway into an exciting realm of the film business, where the promise of engaging storytelling aligns with the potential of financial opportunity.

12 Reasons RTFP Makes a Good Investment Option

  • Equity Stake: Gain a meaningful share in RTFP's productions.
  • High ROI Potential: The film industry's potential for significant returns on successful movies.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Unique asset class that offers portfolio balance.
  • Hedged Investment Approach: RTFP's multi-genre, multi-budget strategy potentially minimizes risks.
  • Industry Alliances: Partnerships with cinematic influencers enhance project success rates.
  • Unique Business Model: Equitable profit-sharing attracts top-tier talent.
  • Social Impact: Invest in a mission-driven company focusing on veteran causes.
  • Networking: Access to exclusive industry events and premieres.
  • Prestigious Brand Association: Association with cinematic success and glamour.
  • Tax Benefits: Potential film industry-specific tax incentives.
  • Transparency: Commitment to regular updates and investor engagement.
  • Ancillary Revenues: Beyond box-office, merchandising, streaming rights, and more.

Our Amazing Clients and Partners

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A Partnership Beyond Capital

Investing with transparency and purpose

Joining RTFP as an investor means more than financial engagement; it's about forging a true partnership based on transparency and shared values. We stand by equitable profit-sharing, ensuring every contributor to our films' successes receives their deserved share. Our dedication extends to driving social change, with a commitment to channeling a part of our proceeds towards supporting significant veteran initiatives.

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Take your Seat at the Table Today! 

Dive into the world of filmmaking with Round Table Film Productions. Your investment doesn't just fund movies; it pioneers an industry evolution where creativity, community, and capital converge. Step into our circle, where every contribution is a stride toward cinematic excellence and shared success. 

What is Round Table Film Productions (RTFP)?

RTFP is a dynamic film production company specializing in creating high-quality, engaging content across various genres. We adopt a venture-capital approach to filmmaking, focusing on niche markets and diversified portfolios to maximize artistic impact and financial returns.

What types of projects does RTFP work on?

We work on various projects, including theatrical movies, non-scripted content, commercials, and brand videos. Our focus is on storytelling that resonates with diverse audiences, combining creativity with commercial viability.

What makes RTFP different from other film production companies?
RTFP stands out due to its unique combination of a veteran-led team, venture-capital-style film selection, and commitment to equitable profit-sharing. We focus on underrepresented demographics and genres to provide innovative storytelling while attempting financial resilience.
How does RTFP choose its film projects?
We select our films based on extensive market analysis, targeting underrepresented demographics, genres, and niche markets. Our selection process is data-driven and strategic, ensuring a diverse and balanced portfolio.
What are RTFP's primary revenue streams?
Our revenue streams include theatrical movie releases, non-scripted content, commercials, and tactical training programs. We also generate revenue from investments and strategic partnerships.
How can I stay updated on RTFP's projects and progress?

Stay connected through our website, subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media for regular updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and announcements about our projects and milestones.

Can anyone invest in RTFP?
Yes, through our Regulation A+ offering, both accredited and non-accredited investors can invest in RTFP. For specific projects, we also utilize Regulation D Rule 506(c) for accredited investors.
What are the risks involved in investing with RTFP?
Like any investment, there are risks involved, including market fluctuations and project-specific risks. However, RTFP mitigates these risks through a diversified portfolio approach, meticulous project selection, and experienced leadership.
How does RTFP support veteran causes?
As a veteran-led company, we're committed to supporting veteran causes. A portion of our profits is dedicated to various initiatives that aid veterans, including suicide prevention, transition support, and other advocacy programs.
How can I learn more about investment opportunities with RTFP?
For detailed information about current projects, investment structures, and how to invest, please fill out our contact form on the website. Our team will be in touch with comprehensive investor relations material.
What is RTFP's approach to profit distribution?
RTFP believes in equitable profit-sharing, ensuring that all individuals contributing to the success of our films are fairly compensated. This includes cast, crew, and investors, aligning everyone's interests with the success of our projects.